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Especially since Cora basically didn't do anything--the character could've been dropped easily without major disturbances for the "plot". And even Derek sacrificing his powers could have worked with Boyd or Isaac (if it had to happen at all, because I personally still don't get why that was necessary, but I digress).





They could’ve removed Erica’s character altogether, for sure. Or simply recast her… a new actress would hardly be the biggest stretch the fans have had to deal with, and would’ve made a lot more sense than just slotting a new character into place. (Like I said before, literally the only reason they made her Derek’s sister — further eroding his backstory — is so he’d give a single shit what happened to her and she’d survive long enough to be an unconscious plot device.) I mean, the last we saw of Erica and Boyd they were being confronted by presumably the Alpha Pack… it would’ve been really easy to have Boyd come back to town with like a throw-away line about the Alphas giving them the choice to flee entirely or return to their pack and fight with honor or whatever. Boyd could’ve chosen to return while Erica chose to run. (Preferably to run to some other heretofore unknown pack or group of Alpha-tracking hunters or something for help and then returning triumphant to kick ass and take names. I have a beautiful dream of Erica and Boyd both being actually USED as characters with like…. motivations and storylines of their own.) They could’ve written both Erica and Boyd off and had Deucalion deliver a line about, like, “oh it’s too bad you can’t hold on to a pack Derek, we ran into a couple of your betas as they were running in the opposite direction, charming children” or just telling Derek how his pack tore them apart or WHATEVER. I mean some options are better than others, obviously, but I feel like literally ALL the options are better than what they did. Especially with the entire season in the rearview, you can see all the holes in it that at the time we were all going “oh god I hope these holes are Alpha memory tricks” and they turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Like WHY did they even set up that bank vault thing? That was time and resource intensive, that was like some next level Bond villain shit, and then that plan didn’t work so they’re like “hey fuck it, let’s just go over to Derek’s and impale him with a pipe or something.” Like how do you go from elaborate months-long beta-kidnapping in a vault with special magical stone and events that depend on fucking full moons and eclipses to “fuck idek let’s just beat him up.” I STILL don’t even know what they even WANTED. Did they really want to recruit Derek? Was Derek just a diversion so they could recruit Scott? Was Deuc trying to prevent Scott from becoming a True Alpha or trying to get a True Alpha under his power? Do any of the writers even know the answers to any of these questions? (I’m gonna go out on a limb and say nooooooo.)

Anyway. I also always thought, if they wanted to have Scott rise to Alphahood, it would’ve been really interesting to have Derek essentially surrender that power to him directly… that certainly would have been character growth from the Derek we saw going a little power-mad in season 2 (well, Jeff describes him that way, I think of him as more desperate and completely out of his depth, personally, I never thought he was any more interested in power than Scott is), but also I’m of the opinion that Derek is just happier as a beta, that he never wanted leadership and would be happier not as the King but as the Hand of the King, if you will. :D (I know that’s an unpopular opinion with some folks who would see that as Derek like… capitulating to Scott or something, but it’s just IMO.) 

They’d written four or five scripts into the season with Erica in there, the. Got a rewrite back where Erica was now Cora. Alyssa literally didn’t know who she was and had to find out from someone else. Gage left almost as soon as filming started and that screwed them up.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that they acknowledged it was bad writing.

….is nobody on this show like… under contract, or what? And do they not communicate? They got back rewrites on a script where a character was completely replaced with a new character and this wasn’t discussed at any point? She had to go ask someone? Who the fuck did know? I mean Jesus, you’re trying to explain what a corner they’re in and what I’m getting is that this show is even more of a mess than I thought.

Anyway. Here’s the thing. With a lot of the issues Teen Wolf has, they could totally get away with it a few times. Like, everybody’s talking about the pattern of killing female characters. You can’t say “oh we’re equal opportunity killers, we just like killing people off” when the pattern already exists. They’re not writing in a void, here. Like you could get leeway a few times, fans completely understand a lot of the issues that go into running a TV show; we might not all be well-versed in the minute details of the industry, but we get that actors leave and production problems happen and blah blah blah.

There are a lot of good reasons why they killed Allison, for instance, instead of sending her “off to London” or whatever else they might have done. I was upset about her dying, though I was infinitely more upset about the way she was scripted through the entire season leading up to her death. Like okay, they fuck things up sometimes when an actor puts them in a bind. But Crystal DIDN’T put them in a bind, they knew far enough in advance to build an entire marketing campaign around her eventual exit, and they made the choice to spend the entire season just wasting her presence. What exactly is their excuse for that? Didn’t want to spend time developing a character who was leaving? Didn’t want the big dramatic death they were going for to actually be dramatic and meaningful? I don’t think anybody would’ve been quite as upset if they hadn’t also killed a ton of female characters already. And I don’t think anybody would’ve been quite as upset if they hadn’t also let all these male characters walk — turned them into recurring characters even — when it would’ve made arguably more sense for at least some of them to be dead, to face consequences for their actions. (Deucalion is the root of every single torment our characters face in 3A, he’s the reason some of our protagonists are dead, and he walks away, gets another chance to live a good life, AND gets his sight back. What. Even.) So it becomes really impossible at a certain point to go, “Well, we had good reasons to kill this one character,” and act like every decision they make exists independent of every other decision they make.

Similarly, they could’ve completely fumbled the Cora storyline in 3A and I think we would’ve been unamused by understanding. The trouble is they didn’t just fuck up the stuff they had fairly good excuses to fuck up. They piled that mistake — and it was a huge mistake, are we seriously pretending that mid-season course correction isn’t possible in television? — on top of a bunch of other mistakes. I guess they couldn’t fit real comprehensive rewrites into their enthrallingly scripted season that didn’t make a lick of sense. Like wow they needed to preserve all that genius I guess. So acknowledging that the one thing was bad writing — although thank fuck that they’re at least that self-aware — while the usual narrative at least on Jeff’s part is to act like every fuck-up is just another thrilling part of a tightly plotted rollercoaster of awesome, I don’t think gives them much traction.

I mean, I don’t know why I even care or am arguing this, because I’ve given up on this show and I’m not planning to continue watching, but I just have never felt so much that the way a show is run is a personal insult to my intelligence, and I’m flabbergasted at the way people are excusing, for whatever reasons, the fact that the writing staff aren’t meeting like… bare minimum standards of continuity and coherency.

And they acknowledged it was bad writing. Great. But here’s the thing. It didn’t have to be. 

Replacing character A with character B doesn’t automatically equal shitty writing. The shitty writing came about because they couldn’t be bothered to tweak the scripts at all to have them make sense. 

Even with when Gage left and how many scripts they had written, a few things added/altered/removed here and there would have been fine.

Although, apparently they don’t even have writers meetings? What kind of scripted show doesn’t have writers meetings? Just because the creator/main writer has a vision doesn’t mean you stop having writers meetings. I mean, just ask creators/writers who can actually put together a coherent show and I think you’ll find even the most controlling of them had meetings.

And, really, they couldn’t have cut out the fucking slow-mo fighting and given us some actual substantive scenes that we actually gave a fuck about? A small scene where Cora and Derek see each other post-feral wouldn’t have exactly broken the budget (actually, a small talking scene instead of slow-mo would probably have helped the budget). And their excuses for not doing stuff like that are shitty and honestly make no sense.

And dear god, the way they fumbled EVERYTHING about Allison’s exit was terrible and badly done.

I mean, it’s not even that she got killed off (even if she is the latest in a long line of killed off female characters and that is a problem) it’s the way her character was sidelined for ten episodes. I mean, they had the time to really do something with Crystal leaving (I point to how the writers on The Good Wife a) put Will Gardner front and center in the lead up to his death and b) didn’t tell a fucking soul, so it was genuinely shocking to the viewer. Protip: NEVER announce a big death to your fans weeks/months in advance. NEVER) and all the did was sideline her character and show us how she wasn’t important to the plot of the show. I have no problems imagining a Teen Wolf without Allison in it because they spent a goodly amount of time showing us how that would work. I mean, what? You show people how indispensable she is to the people around her and the plot of the show so that the viewer is left with a big gaping hole in their chest as they wonder how the show can continue without her. You don’t show us before she’s even dead. 

I just. I don’t get their creative choices. Every time they have a road block thrown in their way they chose the most twisty-turning route to get around it and make it bloody obvious that something happened that threw them for a loop and they didn’t know how to respond.     

Teen Wolf it literally the dictionary definition of how not to run a show and how not to write a show. 

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1. Handwrite your name.
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16. Handwrite 3 words that sum you up.
17. Handwrite the first 10 words that come to mind.
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